Embrace Fall Fashion With These Trendy Necklaces

Embrace Fall Fashion With These Trendy Necklaces

Autumn is approaching, which means it’s the perfect time to give your wardrobe a little shake-up by treating yourself to some new accessories. And if you’re looking for a smooth and simple style upgrade, you can’t go wrong with necklaces.  Let us be your tour guides as this article takes you through the most sought-after necklace styles of 2023. 

Strike a balance between the subtle and the bold with this season’s wide range of stunning styles. From nostalgic nods to contemporary twists, dainty accents to daring adornments, this year's necklace trends offer something for everyone. Among these pieces, you’ll find a secret weapon to infuse a touch of sophistication into your look for the upcoming season.

  1. Station Necklaces

  2. Medallion Necklaces

  3. Chunky Chain Necklaces

  4. Minimalist Necklaces

  5. Y Necklaces and Lariat Necklaces

  6. Charm Necklaces


Station Necklaces

Featuring evenly spaced gemstones along a delicate chain, station necklaces are known for their signature refined, yet eye-catching, look. With a knack for effortlessly blending simplicity and luxury, station necklaces are the ideal piece to take you from day to night without missing a beat. They can also seamlessly transition from everyday wear to formal attire, making them the ultimate versatile accessory

Striking a harmonious balance between understated and opulent, a station necklace will give you the perfect touch of class. And keep in mind: while diamond station necklaces are the most famous take on this style, you can find plenty of other gemstones, too. The pearl station necklace is a particularly common one in recent years, thanks to the pearl’s resurgent popularity. 

A yellow gold diamond station necklace

Medallion Necklaces

One of the oldest known styles of jewelry, medallion necklaces were worn in Ancient Greece and Rome to signify status and wealth. Steeped in tradition, medallion necklaces draw on influences from cultures throughout history to create a look that’s both rustic and elegant. 

The difference between a medallion and a pendant is a simple but important one. While pendants can come in any shape or size, medallions must be disc-shaped to truly classify as medallions. Still, the range of medallion designs is awe-inspiring. 

Medallions may be as simple as a circle of gold or as intricate as a carving adorned with diamonds and gemstones. Some medallions embrace rustic textures in the style of ancient coins, while others depict symbols taken from nature or astrology. Perfect as either a standalone focal point or the centerpiece in a necklace stack, medallions will soon become your go-to piece.

Yellow gold seems to be the trendiest metal for a medallion necklace, but pick what you love best–with this timeless style, it’s impossible to go wrong.

Three compass shaped medallion necklaces in rose gold, yellow gold and white gold

Chunky Chain Necklaces

Ready to show off your edgy side? Chunky chain necklaces are here to help you make a bold statement. This trend is all about embracing your uniqueness and adding a dash of drama to your outfit.

But don't assume that all chunky chains look the same – that's far from the truth! Designers have taken this trend and run with it, creating chains with toggle clasps, oversized links, and even padlocks. From paperclip links to classic Cuban links, there's a variety of styles to choose from. Some designers kick things up a notch further with funky textures and gemstone accents.

Whether you go for a single chunky chain or layer multiple necklaces, these eye-catching pieces are all about celebrating your individuality and rocking your confidence. Chunky chain necklaces are the soon-to-be indispensable pieces you need for a fall look with some flair. 

A close up of a woman in a white button up wearing a yellow gold chunky chain necklace

Minimalist Necklaces

Maybe chunky chains and medallions aren't really your thing, and that's absolutely fine. Minimalist necklaces are another great look for this season, as they continue to hold their timeless charm for those who appreciate the delicate beauty of a subtle piece. If you're into mixing and matching different styles, you'll have a blast layering these sweet, simple necklaces with some bigger and bolder ones.

Never fear that your minimalist necklace will fade into the background. Sometimes, a touch of sparkle is all you need to add some excitement to your outfit of the day. Embrace clean lines and subtle adornments to elevate a casual jeans-and-tee look, or add a touch of class to your fancier ensembles. 

If you're all about timeless pieces that you can wear day in and day out, minimalist necklaces offer that perfect blend of grace and sophistication.

A yellow gold minimalist necklace with small moon and star charms

Y Necklaces and Lariat Necklaces

Y necklaces and lariat necklaces are here to charm you with their elegant, cascading designs. These styles get their name from their distinctive shape – a long, decorative drop that hangs down the center of your chest. While they exude classic glamor, designers have added a modern twist by playing with different textures and chain styles. They may feature a pendant or other eye-catching detail at the end for some extra intrigue.

Y necklaces are closely related to lariat necklaces, and you might hear people swap their names around. Technically, though, lariat refers specifically to necklaces without clasps, while Y necklaces have clasps. Either way, the flowing effect of these necklaces makes them perfect for layering or as standalone pieces. They blend seamlessly with formalwear, especially those blouses or dresses with plunging necklines. 

A white gold Y necklace with drop down pearls

Charm Necklaces

The trendy charm necklaces of today are not the same as those you remember from your youth! Modern charm jewelry comes in a variety of designs, with charms styled after everything from your zodiac sign to your favorite vacation destination. Even with a major boost from fine design and quality materials, charms are still all about expressing your unique style and telling your story.

The best part is, they’re endlessly customizable. You can spend a lifetime mixing, matching and rearranging your charms to create the perfect necklace for every mood and every moment. Charm necklaces are like a canvas for your personal narrative. Add charms that hold sentimental value, celebrate your passions, or remind you of special moments.

A yellow gold charm necklace with sunflower, pretzel, sun and reindeer charms


Add Some Spice to Your Fall Looks With Trendy Necklaces from Levy Jewelers 

Whether you're drawn to the timeless charm of medallion necklaces, the understated elegance of minimalist pieces, or the classic glamor of station necklaces, this year's trends cater to all tastes. We hope this guide to the hottest necklace styles of 2023 has inspired you to mix up your fall wardrobe!

No matter which necklace style resonates with you, come check out our collection at Levy Jewelers, with locations in Savannah, Georgia and Jacksonville, Florida. Our team is here to help you find the pieces that express your personal style, so you can confidently take on the next season and beyond with style and confidence.