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Featured Gem TANZANITE

Tanzanite is a royal purple color. It is very blue, but in a violet type of blue. Kilimanjaro is the only place tanzanite has been found. So, this gem is mined only there.

Tanzanite took its name from the country of Tanzania, where it is mined. It is a zoisite mineral that has become one of the most popular gemstones since its discovery in 1967.

Tiffany & Co. was the company that brought tanzanite to the marketplace back in 1967, so it is a fairly modern discovery. It is the pure blue variety of this zoisite mineral gem that is most prized, but it will change colors depending from which angle you view it. When the gem cutter wants to retain more weight, they’ll include more of the violet blue color from the rough stone when cutting it.
Tanzanite Earrings
Tanzanite Ring
Tanzanite Bracelet

The only place to mine tanzanite is Merelani in Tanzania, the home of Mount Kilimenjaro.


The first tanzanite gem was found by Ali Juuyawatu, a Masai tribesman.


Tilt tanzanite and you’ll see three distinct colors in three crystal directions.

Evaluating these four characteristics will determine a tanzanite gemstone's value.
Tanzanite Color

While the pale blue colors cost less, it is the deep, pure blue that is most valuable.

Tanzanite Clarity

If inclusions are found visible to the naked eye, it will decrease its value in this gem.

Tanzanite Cut

The cushion and oval cuts are the most popular cuts, but it is cut in many different shapes.

carat weight
Tanzanite Carat Weight

The finest blue color of tanzanite is found only in the gems of 5 carats or above.