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About Levy Jewelers | Our History

Levy Jewelers is a one hundred twenty-four year old family owned business located in the heart of Savannah's Historic District.

Our business began in 1900 when Aaron Malitz Levy emigrated from Brest, Poland. We were originally a small watch repair shop located in what is now City Market. As the business grew, all members of the family became active in the day to day operations.

In 1928 Aaron's son, Jack along with two sisters, took over the family business. Jack concentrated on providing excellent customer service and was the first to offer credit to our customers in Savannah. Soon, he began expanding the lines to include diamonds and other types of jewelry not related to watches.

After a few years the business began to grow slowly and in 1935 Jack was able to purchase the property on Broughton Street where our flagship location is still located. We were one of the first stores in Savannah to have air conditioning, were the first store to carry General Electric products, and we still have the original self service elevator! We were the original Samsonite and American Tourister luggage dealer and also had the exclusive Polaroid camera franchise for many years. Due to our success in the community, we were able to add an additional location in 1957.

In 1962, the third generation, Aaron Malitz Levy, officially joined the family business. Under Aaron's direction our business began to focus more on fine jewelry and became Savannah's only American Gem Society (AGS) store. In 1963 Dayle Levy, Aaron's wife, joined the family business. After sixteen years of continued success, they were able to open a location in the Oglethorpe Mall. Throughout the 80's, we continued to prosper and in 1990 Aaron and Dayle opened a fourth store located in the Savannah Mall.

After 46 years of hard work and commitment, Aaron and Dayle have handed the reigns over to their cousin and direct descendant Lowell Kronowitz and his wife Hilary. 

As the fourth generation, Lowell is proud to carry on the family tradition of providing quality merchandise, exceptional customer service, and beautiful hand-selected diamonds.


Important Dates in Levy Jewelers History:

1900 Levy Jewelers founded by Aaron Malitz Levy.

1928 Jack Levy takes the helm from father Aaron.

1937 Jack Levy builds the flagship store at Broughton and Drayton Streets.

1957 Levy Jewelers opens a second store at the DeRenne Shopping Center.

1962 Aaron Levy, Jack's son, joins the family business.

1963 Dayle Levy, Aaron's wife, joins the family business.

1979 Levy Jewelers opens in the Oglethorpe Mall.

1982 Levy Jewelers opens in the Medical Arts Shopping Center.

1990 Levy Jewelers opens in the Savannah Mall.

2004 Lowell Kronowitz, Aaron's cousin, joins the family business.

2010 Levy Jewelers opens at St. John's Town Center in Jacksonville, Florida.

2012 Levy Jewelers moves flagship location from Broughton and Drayton Streets to Broughton and Bull Streets