The range and reach of Waterford Crystal has flourished to global proportions, yet the heart and soul of the company remains in the city of Waterford, Ireland. Here you will find the House of Waterford Crystal, a cultural landmark and tourist destination that is also an industrious manufacturing facility and the birthplace of Waterford Crystal's finest works.

Using the traditional methods of mouth blowing, hand finishing, sculpting and engraving, the artisans of the House of Waterford Crystal melt over 750 tons of crystal per year to produce more than 45,000 high-end crystal creations.

In addition to a full cadre of skilled and accomplished craftspeople, the House of Waterford Crystal also employs the talents of a team of celebrated designers who, with artistic vision and years of crystal making expertise, create crystal designs with the unmistakable essence that inhabits every new piece of Waterford Crystal.

The House of Waterford Crystal designers are also given the opportunity each year to craft a signature piece, a creation that showcases their individual skills and unique vision. The annual Designer Studio Collection gathers these exclusive works in a numbered limited edition series of 200 pieces.